The weather has been quite mild the past few days, following the cold starts over the inland, above average temperatures are forecast to continue for the southeast, eastern and central inland. This is in advance of a strong front which is weakening today.

But the front is key to the shift in weather we are expecting to unfold over the coming week. The front is knocking the strong high that has been sitting over TAS for the past 4 days out into the Tasman and this is opening the door for a more mobile pressure pattern bringing the rainfall chances back to the southeast and south where it is needed.

The east coast looking to dry out from later this week, the west dries out later this week, and the focus of weather is still over the southeast this weekend with a strong front and the moisture streaming through the jet stream later this weekend into next week, can that bring rain to the interior?

Let's take a look

A strong front this morning will bring some thick cloud and a fairly nice patch of rain to western SA, but it weakens on the way towards the southeast of the state today. The east coast of the nation will see showers and thunderstorms, and the west sees easing conditions. Fine and warm in the southeast after the fog clears.

The is all that remains of the front later tonight into Wednesday in the southeast of SA, the high in the southeast to blame for blocking the system. There may be some high based showers and storms over the eastern interior Wednesday, mainly through NSW and southern QLD. Dry most elsewhere and warm in the southeast mid week.

The front that was over SA dies out on Friday and warm weather continues. The east may see another batch of showers and storms with a weak low just offshore the NSW/QLD border. Next cloud band forms over WA and that is likely to bring yet another burst of rainfall, mainly north of the SWLD.

Sunday into Monday, strong cold fronts and small low-pressure systems brings a wintry burst of weather to the southeast and east with moderate rainfall for SA, VIC and NSW. The west still dry but a whopping cloud band and heavy rainfall for parts of the northwest of WA with above average rainfall is quite likely to continue from the weekend and into the new week. Fine and warm through QLD and the NT.

The wet and windy weather continues to about Tuesday next week for the southeast, but the southwest flow opens the door for more weather in that region.

Another cold front through the southeast is expected by the end of next week reinforcing the cold and showery weather to kick off winter. The cloud bands continue over the interior with widespread rainfall, possibly moving from WA into SA and the NT. The front is out of phase with the moisture so two areas of wet weather later next week. Dry back in the west but there is another front, off the coast of WA. Fine and dry along the east coast and storms may develop over the north.

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