Good morning everyone, the weather is certainly shifting back to cold and showery for the southeast today as a weakening low pressure system continues to drift through southeast SA and into southern VIC with some areas recording moderate rainfall in the past day and further generally light rainfall moving over VIC primarily.

The southwest of the nation is also looking to see a band of showers and some thunder later today with a cold front clipping the SWLD.

The bulk of the rest of the nation is forecast to remain dry and settled under ridge, the tropics also under a subsidence dome, high pressure planted there with drier air leading to lovely warm dry season conditions.

There are some decent fronts expected later this week over in the west and this may open the door for some robust rainfall chances coming back to SA and VIC early next week and further frontal weather coming through mid to late next week from WA and into the southeast states again.

Wednesday 14th June 2022

Showery weather continues for the southeast today with the bulk of the wet weather moving from SA into VIC. The showery weather over the southwest of WA will continue today with the chance of some thunder. Maybe some light rainfall for parts of southern NSW with the northern aspect of the front but dry weather most elsewhere!!

Friday 17th June 2022

The strong front over the southwest of the nation looks to bring a nice burst of rainfall with local thunder and strong winds. The southeast could still see a few showers with a weak front passing through, but the rest of the nation remains quiet. I will point to the moisture over the Tasman and Coral Seas which are a sign of what may occur in the medium term over the east and north of the nation.

Saturday 18th of June 2022

A broad cloud band develops as the front absorbs the moisture feed from the Indian Ocean leading to widespread rainfall moving through eastern WA and into western parts of SA. A nice warm weekend ahead of this feature over the southeast and east. Maybe a few showers along the NSW coast with some local thunder but fine weather for much of QLD and the NT through the bulk of this weekend. A cold airmass following the front over the southwest may produce gusty winds, hail and thunder.

Sunday 19th of June 2022

Rain and strong winds move over SA through Saturday night through Sunday and into VIC during Sunday afternoon and into Monday morning. A broad cloud band will extend back into the northwest of the nation but that may only produce light rainfall. But note the moisture surging south from the Arafura Sea coming into the NT, can it meet the trough passing through the central parts of the nation? Showers will clear the east coast with brighter skies emerging. Still cold with a few showers for the SWLD.

Tuesday 21st June 2022

A strong trough over the southeast still producing rain and thunderstorms over VIC and TAS. Showers to continue over parts of southern SA and much colder in a southwesterly flow. Another trough forming over the northern tropics may bring below average temperatures and patchy rainfall. A front approaching WA later in the day may also produce widespread late showers. Fine over the northwest and far east.

Thursday 23rd June 2022

A follow up cold front moving through SA and VIC will bring further showers and strong winds for the southeast with below average temperatures. The bulk of the nation away from here looks seasonal, dry and fine for now, but watching that moisture over the northeast and north of the nation into the medium term. More on that later this morning.

More coming up in the video due out in a couple of hours, have a good morning!