That won't be until mid-next week onwards that we see the pattern beginning to shift back to wetter and cooler for parts of southern and southeast parts of the nation. In the meantime, it is all about high pressure and cold nights and sunny days in the east, with many people probably shocked by how cold it has been in recent days if not the past week.

But the pattern is forecast to shift as we move through the outlook and the wet and warmer weather in the west will come across to the south and southeast.

A larger rain event is possible over the southern and southeastern parts of the nation into the medium term, so while it is cold, clear and dry for many over you across the central and eastern inland, this will change.

For WA, the rainfall is welcome and normal for this time of year with the frequency right about where it should be on those cold fronts.

But with the SAM turning negative, the moisture deepening offshore the west of the country, we could see the rainfall tending above average for some areas of the SWLD during the coming weeks.

Let's take a look at the systems of interest.

The showers and thunderstorms continue over the western interior with a broad trough and a weakening low approaching the SWLD of WA. Some rainfall could be heavy with thunderstorms. The high cloud surges eastwards into SA and the NT but no rainfall is expected nearer to the ridge. Showery weather continues over the southeast with the southwesterly winds continuing and that will bring colder weather over the southeast and eastern inland with low cloud. Dry weather most places away from the areas mentioned, though temperatures below average.

A band of cloud left over from the rain event in the west will move through the NT and into QLD but with ridging close by, there is little chance for rainfall out of this. A weakening trough moves into SA from WA with a few showers about the far west near to the west of the Nullarbor. The next cold front approaches the SWLD of WA with showers increasing from later Saturday into Sunday with storms. Another cold front wrapping around the deep low in the Tasman brings further showers and sea level snowfalls to TAS later Saturday into Sunday. Dry season continues over the north though cloud periods.

Strong cold front and low moves into the Bight Monday with showers easing over southern WA with the system moving southeast, but cloud increases for southern SA with strong winds and a few late showers from Monday into Tuesday with mainly light falls. Some cloud lingering over the interior but dry weather most regions for early next week after severe frosts over the southeast and eastern inland.

The cold front that brings the windy showery weather over the SWLD of the nation on Sunday into Monday will move through to SA by Tuesday and the southeast inland by Wednesday with gusty showers and thunder possible. Another front approaches from the west of the country next Tuesday into Wednesday with that producing widespread showers and thunderstorms over the SWLD and rain developing over the Pilbara and Gascoyne. Dru weather forecast most elsewhere with cold nights continuing and dry season weather up north.

Strong cold front passing through the SWLD of WA next week looks to bring widespread showers and thunderstorms. A cloud band attached to the north linked into the deep moisture plume from the Indian Ocean looks to bring widespread light to moderate rainfall over the western interior, stretching into the western SA region but not much further east with a ridge nearby. Dry and settled under high pressure over the southeast and eastern inland and through the tropics. So, this time next week, we could be seeing large cloud bands developing over the west and central south of the nation.

Next change that brings the heavier rainfall to WA streams into the interior and the cold front that brings the widespread colder shift to southern WA is somewhat decoupled from the moisture so there will likely be two bands of rainfall sweeping through the nation with this solution, but it is evolving as we move along. So next weekend we could see some widespread showers and windy weather developing over southern Australia.

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