Good morning everyone, I am travelling this morning and this post comes to you from the airport!! Lets have a look at the interesting features across the next week and into the medium term that offers some interesting prospects for southern areas of the nation.

And can we keep the drier signal going for the east coast of the country!?!

Let’s have a quick look before the broader update comes from 8am EST.

Watching that soupy airmass moving into the eastern areas today and the trigger for showers is rather poor so I would not expect widespread rainfall, but like yesterday over VIC and NSW, if you get a direct hit, you could see 20mm. Overall, the cloud is thickening in the west with rain trying to form today. Fine weather most elsewhere under a ridge.

How much moisture can be ingested into the developing front over the Bight over the weekend? Certainly, some signals of adjustment on the modelling today and will have to watch trends but that could bode better for SA, with a more robust rainfall event coming through with windy weather. More heavy rainfall possible for the northwest under a deep moisture plume and upper trough but looking great most elsewhere on Sunday though windy in the south.

Monday looks wet and windy over the southeast with further moderate to heavy rainfall. Watching this trend for a larger cloud band to form across the nation from east to west and still heavy rainfall and very much above average rainfall forecast for the northwest as conditions represent what is coming our way through Winter and Spring nationally.

The rainfall event over WA quickly moves through Central Australia and into the east by Wednesday afternoon with lighter falls expected the further east you go. Clearing conditions for much of the southeast mid-week but frost is a problem for inland areas. Cloud and showers developing for the southwest of WA with the next weak front and another front approaching the southeast later.

Another major rainfall event looks to sweep the nation from later next week into the weekend and that could bring further widespread follow up falls to the interior and through the southeast and southern areas. So, the rainfall frequency still looking to pick up through this period. The drier signal continues for much of QLD and east coast areas as well as over the deep tropics.

More coming up from 8am EST with the next broader update.

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