The remainder of the nation is looking fairly settled thanks to a large ridge of high pressure, drier airmass moving through the interior and significant colder air allowing temperatures to fall below the average for many locations. The drier air will reach the tropics from tomorrow and into the weekend with much more pleasant weather expected this weekend.

Into the southeast and we have widespread showers ongoing with gusty winds and further wet weather across VIC and southeast SA with another cold front whipping throughout the region during today. Another is forecast Friday and another over the weekend in advance of the high-pressure system.

Out west, the weather is likely to turn wet, with scattered showers and thunderstorms expected to develop in response to widespread above average moisture levels being drawn into the state. A trough is lifting that today with moderate to heavy rainfall possible with showers and storms in the coming days.

The next weather maker may not be that far away over the southeast of the nation as we track that moisture into the Bight during early next week and this could bring follow up rainfall into Ag SA and the southeast inland from mid next week.

Let's take a look at the systems to watch.

The trough out west is already firing off thunderstorms this morning with some moderate to heavy falls under those, but they are cellular and indiscriminate so that means uneven distribution of rainfall today before the coverage increases. Showery and cold through the southeast with gusty onshore winds continuing, but the weather drying out a tad for SA, but expect not much sun for a while over the southeast. Clearing over QLD and much more pleasant through the central and northern areas with drier air surging northwards.

The trough over WA moves eastwards on Thursday with areas of rain and thunder spreading inland but note the brighter colours coming into the SWLD with the low itself, some moderate to heavy falls are possible with severe thunderstorms a risk too. A broad cloud band running from north of the nation through to the Coral Sea denotes where the moisture is being pushed back too with a dry surge rushing through the nation. Showery conditions continue throughout the southeast with cold and showery weather expected with more snowfalls.

Showers and thunderstorms along a weakening low will track into western SA and the Eucla with that activity expected to weaken further on Saturday. Another cold front through the southeast continues the showery outbreak with hail and thunder for TAS. Gloomy for southeast SA but breaks of sunshine returns to the remainder of SA. The cloud over the interior will just be high cloud with not much support for rainfall as ridging keeps the eastern parts of the country dry. Fine weather for WA for now, but a few showers may continue about the southwest coast.

Next Monday, the next low-pressure system will move through the SWLD with a band of rain and strong winds. A belt of tropical moisture will also surge southeast through the interior and into the eastern parts of WA. Showers should clear the southeast states with high pressure nosing in finally. The chance of a thundery shower along the NSW coast with a southerly surge but mainly offshore. And tropical moisture continues along the NT coast, which may begin to sink south next week interrupting the dry once again.

Thursday of next week, another band of rain and storms with heavy falls for WA with yet another cloud band coming in ahead of a front. A weakening front coming into SA and the southeast inland may deliver a few showers later in the day. The moisture over northern Australia strictly coastal but deeper moisture developing in the Coral, Arafura and Timor Seas reflects the elevated SSTs which will play a huge role in flooding many areas of the nation through late Winter into Spring.

That rain event is likely to then move into SA at the end of next week, but more likely into the weekend with follow up frontal weather to follow that into the medium term. The eastern inland through central and northern interior parts of the nation could remain dry for 10 days allowing flood waters to simmer down. The southeast warm and windy later next week so some brighter days are forecast for the southeast and east coast with some seasonal temperatures, but it is a way off. Cooler and wetter weather for much of next week out west.

More weather coming up from 8am EST with the next video to be posted then!