Likely to see a more mobile pressure pattern emerging throughout the coming week as a block in the Tasman is forecast to move off towards NZ. This will allow for more traditional weather to return to the southern and western parts of the country, but the coverage of rainfall is determined by how far north the frontal weather develops. Also watching then moisture offshore the WA coast over the Indian Ocean as well.

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Weather over northern and eastern Australia, throughout the inland, the weather is drier and settled with high pressure. Falls generally coastal and heaviest through NSW.

So that means the bulk of the wet weather will be contained to frontal weather crossing through Southern Australia.

Let's take a look at the elements to watch.

Upper Air Pattern - Next 2 Weeks

The upper air pattern shows that low pressure system block over the Tasman Sea is forecast to move eastwards to NZ later this week. The westerly wind regime is forecast to move northwards this week with frontal weather likely to increase in coverage, with the latest GFS suggesting we have 2 systems to watch for potential severe weather in the medium term impacting SA, VIC and NSW and possibly WA as well. The weather more settled and seasonal over northern Australia.

Moisture Content

So, the moisture is the parameter to watch in relationship to the increasing flow pattern to the south and southwest of the country, frontal weather could lift north into the moisture leading to widespread rain and cloud cover developing for WA, SA and through VIC and southern NSW. The medium term offers more robust moisture levels precipitable water that could lead to above average rainfall across the southern third of the nation with some luck!

Simulated Cloud Cover - This Week

Frontal weather is starting to increase in coverage across Southern Australia this week and note the deeper moisture trying to infuse into the frontal boundaries sweeping through southern parts of the country as we get into the weekend and into next week. Drier weather most elsewhere.

More coming up in the video from 8am EST this morning.

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