The weather is remaining very active over the same areas for another 24hrs with a vigorous west to southwest flow over the southeast driving strong winds and showers and that cold weather is set to continue.

Over the northwest, widespread showers and areas of rain with thunderstorms producing heavy rainfall over the coastal areas between Port Hedland and Broome. The storms will continue to track northeast as we move through the coming 2 days before conditions ease along the coast and adjacent inland.

Cloud bands seem to be the theme for the outlook period and can they combine with cold fronts to bring widespread rainfall back to the Ag Areas of WA and follow up rainfall to the south and southeast into the medium term?

And do we see the dry continue for the eastern inland of the nation and the east coast, or do these areas see more rainfall spilling through from the interior?

Lots on

Cold and showery today through the southeast with the windy weather continuing, but the rainfall will start to ease from SA through VIC later tonight and clear through most areas during Wednesday. Heavy rainfall ongoing for a lot of the western Kimberly and a slab of moisture through eastern WA may not be producing excessive rainfall, but certainly could play a role in the next event for the south and east later this week.

Moisture from the inland event starts to work through SA and the southeast states from Thursday with showers and areas of rainfall, not clear on how much falls where and for how long but certainly, follow up falls quite likely for many this week. The west dries out under a ridge though still humid and unsettled over the northwest where a weak cloud band is trying to stay alive.

Inland rainfall mainly light under weak cloud bands, over the southeast a low-pressure system is driving windy weather with showery periods. The southwest of the nation remains dry under a broad ridge and the northern tropics looking humid and unsettled still for coastal areas of WA and the NT. The east coast remaining mostly dry but cooler than normal with cloud about.

A weak cloud band early next week may bring further areas of light rainfall to the interior with that onwards to QLD. The northern tropics, unsettled with scattered showers and storms moving through, moderate dry season falls are possible. The southeast, showery with onshore winds and colder than normal conditions, but the southwest of the nation looking drier and warmer with high pressure nearby.

We may finally see rainfall returning to the SWLD of WA with a new front on the go, that could also help form the next surge of moisture out of Indonesia into the northwest with further above average rainfall. Tropics still amazingly active or this time of year, that moisture shearing off through northern QLD. Showers over the southeast decreasing as high pressure comes closer but still cooler than normal weather forecast.

More coming up in the video from 8am EST, have a good start to the day.