Will that rainfall come east later this week over the eastern and southeast inland or will it peter out with the next front? There is plenty of shower activity early this morning over the southeast and south with onshore winds, so to talk about further rainfall coming in 2 days, you know we are entering into a new season and therefore the rainfall spread is changing.

We are seeing drier weather for the east and for the southwest of the country in sinking air and drier air combining. The weather over the northwest of the nation has been highly anomalous, that rainfall is set to ease from today, but not clear, more storms are forecast throughout the northwest tropics into the weekend and possibly spreading once again through the inland into the next major system coming into WA.

Into the medium term, there are signals for widespread rain and storms over the northern and eastern parts of the nation but the confidence in the short term is not great, so I am placing even less faith into the medium term right now and looking at trends.

More on that coming up in the video after 8am EST.

A large cloud band is evident across the nation today, but it will have more bark than bite, with rainfall rates petering out. Showery and cold through the southeast with onshore winds. A weak front over the southwest of WA may produce a few late showers today. Heaviest rainfall though once again found over the Kimberly with a deep moisture infeed, that is building that large cloud band over the interior. A sign that the Indian Ocean is alive and kicking.

The remains of the moisture spreading through the interior and into the southeast with the next cold front, but the falls expected to be mainly light and patchy at this time on current trends. A few showers over in the southwest with onshore winds and low cloud. Mostly fine elsewhere though below average temperatures continue away from the northern tropics.

Another front through the southeast producing widespread showers and local hail, with gusty winds and colder than normal weather continuing. Another baroclinic cloud band moving through the interior with some patchy rainfall expected under this feature denoting the jet stream. The weather over the northern tropics, still humid with above average temperatures with the risk of some thundery showers. Fine back in the far southwest with the chance of morning frost.

Deeper moisture building off the northern tropics next Monday which could lead to more widespread showers and a developing cloud band shearing southeast. Another front through the southeast is likely to keep the widespread showers going and below average temperatures with the risk of local hail and thunder and windy weather. Another cloud band developing over the interior can be traced back to the Indian Ocean, with more inland rainfall likely over WA. Looking really chilly for many locations next Monday.

Next moisture surge on the way in about a week's time, but I want you to also pay attention to the moisture north of the NT, as this could also be drawn southwards into the NT and QLD and merge with the jet stream cloud band over WA into the medium term. For now, we are seeing rainfall chances coming up for WA and better rainfall prospects for the SWLD with this feature. Showery weather continues over the southeast with yet another front passing through the region though becoming drier over SA. Very cold weather is forecast to persist.

Noting that moisture connection over the tropical north and feeding into the WA system, this is posing some interest for a very large rainfall event developing through the medium term, just outside of this period. Rainfall continues over the SWLD near a low-pressure system and that broad band of rain along a trough will enter into western SA. The southeast finally clears at the end of next week, and the east coast, dry but cooler than normal.

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