The weather has been very wet across many parts of the nation in recent times, but only impacting the same areas, with the Pilbara and the eastern seaboard copping a drenching.

But further weather systems are on the horizon as we track through the next week or two that brings rainfall across Southern and Southeast Australia that will lift the chances of rainfall for these areas which have been sitting quite dry?

Let's take a look

The east has cloudy skies on Friday with the moisture from the jet stream left over, pushing through SA and into NSW. This moisture will likely combine with the upper trough over SE QLD leading to storms and heavy rainfall developing. The high over Tasmania is bringing more cold nights tonight and tomorrow night over the southeast inland before we see things warm up. WA has a brief respite from the rainfall over inland areas.

Heavy rainfall dominates the east coast of QLD with some of that drifting into NSW. There may also be some storms this Saturday over the eastern interior and over in WA interior where moisture remains deep in these regions with weak forcing. Fine elsewhere after coolish starts but the nation much warmer as we go through the weekend.

Next system over in SWLD looks to bring another decent rain event to the inland of the Central and Southern parts of SA. Another strong front coming into the west coast itself could bring severe storms later in the weekend or into Monday. So active weather returns to the west after a mild weekend.

Next system early next week could bring a batch of rain and storms to SA and much of NSW, but the question remains, does it come through at full pelt or weakened by the ridge over the Tasman Sea?

The cloud band once again featuring across the nation, this time a better orientation and evolution for rainfall across southern Australia with a wavy flow interacting with that, so perhaps as mentioned throughout the week, a wet end to the month for areas that have missed out is not quite off the table just yet!

Surely not! We cannot be looking at more of this torrential rainfall in the east and also spreading west throughout the remainder of the nation? I will have more on this later today.

More coming up from 8am EST.