With the weather turning highly unpredictable over the eastern half of the nation with upper low pressure systems now starting to return to the picture, this opens the door for some adjustments on the weather up stream out west.

Euro 12z 500mb flow pattern showing the upper lows causing dynamic weather over the east with moderate to heavy rainfall there, but it opens the door for the fronts to approach the west of the nation.

The door may open for a few fronts to slip through the southwest of the nation, bringing a burst of showers and windy weather for the SWLD during mid to late this week.

Before then, temperatures are anticipated to be well above average during the first half of this week with an easterly flow.

Temperature anomalies for the period Friday 14-19 showing the temperatures remaining well below average over the east and warmer near the west coast.

Rainfall is likely to be lighter than previous week with the heavy rainfall focus likely to remain over the east of the nation. However with this mid week front, a burst of moderate showers and gusty westerly winds are likely before that activity eases by the end of this working week.

So the best of the rainfall this week will be over the SWLD between Bunbury and Albany and points west. Light falls coming through to the inland as far east as about Southern Cross.

Rainfall for the next 7 days - May 9th 2021.

Heavier rainfall signals do exist in the medium term towards the end of the month with a new series of cold fronts and moisture coming into the region.

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