Many people in the north of the country are over the humidity and wet weather (many in the south would love that rain) with the wet season hanging on!

The humidity will linger for much of this week, before finally, a push of deeper drier air from the southeast arrives to kick off May.

Frontal weather over southern Australia will likely assist in pushing in a southeasterly wind change to the north of the country, kicking out the humidity and wet weather to Indonesia and replacing those cloudy skies, with brilliant dry sunshine.

Of course the maximums will still be in the 30s but the real feel temperatures will be well below that, for the first time in months.

Also - overnight minima could drop below 18C in parts of Darwin late next week with inland areas of the Top End dropping to the mid teens! Now that is a treat.

Euro Temp forecast for Wednesday afternoon

Euro Temp Forecast for next Thursday

So we are getting close to having the air conditioners turned off and the louvers opened in the north of the country!!

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