A vigorous low pressure system is on the approach to WA today with a band of rain moving along the coast today and extending south and east through this afternoon and tonight. A belt of very strong winds will develop as the low glides to the southwest of the state, following the rainfall.

Gusty showers and squally storms are possible as the low grazes the Capes tonight. Winds there may reach 110-120km/h with thunderstorms if the low is close enough.

Damaging Winds Forecast for Wednesday through Thursday and early Friday. Valid Wednesday June 9th 2021.

Rainfall over the coming week will be moderate at times and will accumulate to a reasonable amount as regular cold fronts sneak through in a westerly wind regime. There are signals for stronger system coming in over the weekend and another one next week, will be watched for severe weather potential.

Rainfall for the coming 10 days - best of it will fall along the west coast, but there are some signals for a number of troughs that may generate inland showers and storms across the weekend, but the pattern is messy and low confidence at this time.

Here is an example of that messy synoptic coming through on Friday into Saturday with moisture and areas of patchy rainfall across wide areas, but pinning down exact rainfall is tricky, with a slack upper level pattern courtesy of the block over the east with the deep upper low.

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