I just want to briefly point this out before people start getting concerned, especially those living in the west that the current synoptic and atmospheric setup is not the same as last year, when severe TC Seroja smashed Carnarvon and points south and east inland.

This system (Charlotte) will likely be torn up by upper level winds and meander offshore the west coast this weekend before being dragged through with a trough next week. That is the current thinking.

But things can still change. So just remain weather aware but for now this looks to be a rain maker for the thirsty west which is good news!!

Compare that to TC Seroja

This system got picked up and slung inshore by the jet stream but the jet stream did not rip the system apart, it helped to increase the forward motion, meaning that it stayed at cyclone strength (Cat 3) when making landfall. This will not be the case with Charlotte.

So just be aware of the differences surrounding the systems.

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