It has been a bitterly cold few days, following that two week period of above average temperatures and sunshine. This time last week, it was 24-27C with some thundery weather, this week, cold and showery with many locations starting the day near 5C about the south coast. Swings and round a bouts with weather in Australia.

A cold front is moving east through the southern coastal areas, is producing showers, hail and local thunder with wind squalls. A very low chance of snowfalls over the Stirling Ranges this morning with that cold air.

Further north, the drier air is filtering through, lopping about 5-7C off the day time temperatures and a much drier airmass is bringing in a cooler feel that recent weeks to the Pilbara and Kimberly districts from today.

It is going to be a wet week across the region with further cold fronts and active weather expected from later in the outlook. More on that system from mid week when we have a better handle on its evolution. There is information in the national weather pictures both AM and PM editions for now.

Rainfall for the next 10 days - Valid May 24th 2021.

WA Satellite Picture - Valid Monday May 24th 2021. A very cold airmass is moving along the south coast with showery air. A baroclinic cloud band over inland areas is relatively dry with just no lifting mechanism to bring rainfall through the inland this time around.

The cold air is pretty much the higher end of what we would see at this time of year, with thickness values at around 537 just offshore the WA south coast, that is supportive of snowfalls over the Stirling Ranges, IF moisture can be in phase with this coldest air and the showers penetrate deep enough into the region.

GFS Flow pattern at 18000ft showing that very cold airmass moving through southern WA during Monday morning. The pool of cold air connected to an upper low is expected to weaken and warm as it heads east later Monday into Tuesday. Valid May 24th 2021.

But this colder air will largely be trapped over southern inland WA with high pressure quickly coming in over the next 24 hours. This will lead to a couple of cold nights with local frosts over widespread areas of the southern inland and as far north as the southern Gascoyne.

GFS flow pattern at 18000ft - showing the heights coming up through the atmosphere, leading to more stable weather, clearer skies and light winds. Perfect for frost over the west. Valid May 24th 2021.

So the frost will likely be the most widespread and the first for many on Tuesday morning, with temperatures between -1C and 3C over a large area away from the coast and on the lee of the Scarp along the west coast.

Frost Risk for Tuesday morning - Valid Monday May 24th 2021.

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