The cold front is on the approach to the SWLD this afternoon with scattered showers and thunderstorms developing along a wind change nearly making landfall along the southwest coast.

Cloudy and windy weather through Perth and the great SWLD of WA is starting to turn to showery cooler weather about the capes in the coming hours.

A band of showers and thunderstorms have developed ahead of the wind change moving through the eastern and southern Indian Ocean this morning.

Some of these storms could be strong with gusty winds and brief heavy rainfall. (yellow zone)

A broad band of patchy rainfall will follow the wind change through the SWLD this afternoon and tonight, with the risk of some thunder. (green zone)

Rainfall of 10-20mm along the west and southwest coasts looks fair, but it gets drier north of Pemberton along the west coast.

2-10mm can be expected for inland areas, with some spots maybe getting a little more.

Much colder weather for Friday with a gusty westerly easing and generally turning drier as we go through the day.

Weather matters rainfall forecast for the coming 10 days - Valid 28th of April 2021.

This includes follow up rainfall developing next week from the Indian Ocean.

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