The weather is expected to turn more humid and wetter as we go through to October, some of this starting to appear on the climate guide now, and we are getting closer to the pattern flip.

Lets take a look at the state based forecast.

Rainfall - Despite the drier spell continuing for central parts of the state, we have seen above average rainfall so far for many parts of northwest and southwest QLD with the rain event last week. There is a chance we will see this replicated during the coming 6 weeks, particularly as we go into October which is what you would expect climatologically. We need to see the SAM relax and trend positive in this period to help the seasonal shift along, to promote broad scale easterly winds, bringing in the deeper moisture profile well inland, to feed troughs to produce that rainfall. I think we will see that in October more than the remainder of September.


Southern Inland QLD

Temperatures - Above average temperatures are anticipated for much of the state, with the higher probabilities over northern areas inland of the coast and along the western border with the NT. Some areas will see excessive heat values with humidity getting involved in that heat, with it being transported south and east. We are already seeing hints of that this week over Cape York and the Gulf Country.

And remember that the climate outlooks are never ever perfect, they are used as a guide and there may be a lot of green on the board for rainfall, and red on the board for temperatures but remember your numbers will vary rainfall wise with the approach of storm season and the uneven distribution of rainfall.

I will have a state based forecast for the short and medium term coming up this afternoon.

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