The models are hinting at rainfall developing next week with moisture being drawn in from the northwest. Frontal weather is expected to develop once again next week which could be in phase with that moisture supply over the Indian Ocean.

Euro 00z run - Simulated Water Vapour Satellite next 10 days - Valid Tuesday 29th of June 2021.

Seems that the models are finding it difficult to handle the impulse of moisture next week with a broad area of deep moisture expected to envelop WA early next week and then run along the wavy westerly flow bringing rainfall chances to SA and then the eastern inland in days 8-10. That would be follow up falls for the eastern inland after this event to come over the next 96hrs. So the Indian Ocean is beginning to wave up. More can be found here

The corresponding rainfall spread displayed in animation makes it easier to see the distribution of rainfall coming through with these regular systems. As we get more frequent weather systems over the course of the next few months, these rainfall charts will become quite colorful. I will be focusing on one system at a time with my charts if it becomes too cluttered.

Euro 00z run - Rainfall for the next 10 days - Valid Tuesday 29th of June 2021.

Again two systems on the board, one early in the period bringing heavy rainfall to the east and then follow up rainfall later in the period. The west to receive regular fronts from Sunday.

So that is the weather to watch in the medium forecast and will update that again tomorrow morning for those looking for rainfall in SA and northwest VIC in particular who have missed out and are likely to get very little over the coming days.

It is fairly reasonable to expect that system to verify in some way next week, whether it is in 7 or 10 days time is the question. This is in line with the current climatic trends.

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