Fine, I broke the rules of having a day off, but I saw this in my scan of the data sets and I thought it best to share because the weather never stops.

The rainfall data and signals are off the charts, lets just say that. So if you are living in northern and eastern Australia, I just want to make it very clear, your harvest period is looking weather impacted in a big way.

SA and VIC also to be impacted at times, but the frequency of rainfall and high humidity is favouring areas further east and north it seems. But as we saw in VIC and SA this week, all it takes is ONE SYSTEM to ruin a decent crop.

GFS Rainfall Data - Next 16 Days - Deterministic data set.

Euro Ensemble Data - Rainfall Next 15 days. This is the average of 51 members. THIS IS WET!

A wet run for the harvest. I will have more on that coming up on Tuesday

I will have more details on that coming up during tomorrow with a full forecast. I need to get back into my jungle before the rain and storms return. Have a great Saturday.