We have seen a few records broken this week for coldest April nights, and I think a few more may be challenged in the morning.

Clear skies and light winds will feature for many areas of inland NSW tonight, leading to a frosty start for Sunday morning.

A dry airmass that is covering much of the nation is going to assist in keeping the frosts going into next week too. So growers beware.

The below average nights will continue for a little while longer.

Some areas are expected to revisit -4C about parts of the Snowy/Monaro again tomorrow morning, with a large area expected to head down below 2C overnight.

Severe frost is possible about the southern ACT and into the Snowy Mountains Sunday morning.

A mostly sunny and dry day to follow, with winds remaining light for the inland.

Frost risks for areas closer to the coast near 0 with the last of the troughs passing through the southeast bringing more cloud and showers.

Image - Frost risk for Sunday morning

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