I just wanted to mention that we are seeing that eastward progression of the rainfall a tad in the Euro and the dropping of the moisture in feed over the northwest of the nation as well.

Not convinced of it but certainly something to watch closely in the coming days.

Euro 00z - Rainfall Next 10 Days

Rainfall has shifted a tad to the east but watching activity over SA very closely which could produce some locally heavy rainfall, more than what is being indicated here. Of course the flood concerns are ongoing for the QLD coast north of Townsville, but most there would take the rain. Flood risk increasing for inland QLD from the NT border and down into western NSW as well.

Euro 00z - Rainfall Next 2 Weeks

Reasonable agreement on the modelling with the rainfall being kicked a little further east with the moisture from the weekend but watch the piggy back system over SA for heavy rainfall potential.

00Z Euro Ensemble - Rainfall Next 2 Weeks

Most of the 51 members are closely aligned with the rainfall being biased to the east now, with a nice sharp rainfall gradient across the east of the nation and drier to the west. But watch that moisture plume offshore WA in the coming days.

00Z Euro Ensemble - Rainfall Anomalies - Next 2 Weeks

Noting that rainfall is expected to be seasonal to the west and the further east you go the higher the rainfall will likely be above the average which may lead to flood issues for QLD and NSW.

More tomorrow! Take care.