For the latest synoptic forecasts I will be covering it all off with the latest data after 6pm tonight in your state by state wraps so look out for that there.

But really this is a national heads up for southern Australia. This event may not be bringing widespread heavy rainfall. But the event is significant and the upper end of what you can see during this time of year in terms of the cold air, the wind strength, wind chill and the passing precipitation, both wintry and rainfall combining to produce some dangerous conditions to ALL stock over a large region for a number of days.

The Upper flow pattern is rather concerning with a very deep upper low passing through the Bight, the thickness values are really low with the system skirting too close for comfort to ignore. There is a chance the system can be forced further south and if that happens I will update you, but I have been watching this system for a number of days now and ALL models have at one stage had a major cold outbreak with bitterly cold conditions.

Snowfalls for the coming 10 days

This is showing how far down the mountain the snow line is set to descend this weekend. So a heads up for those grazing stock over the southeast inland.

Lets break it down state by state briefly.


Not as severe conditions for the west but the conditions will be cold enough after milder weather in recent weeks and less wind. A stronger front later Friday poses the coldest weather for the region before it is eases briefly Saturday with more fronts expected next week.


A strong cold front should roll through the Bight during Friday and move to the east early Saturday and bring a burst of gale force winds, widespread showers, hail and thunder for portions of southeast Australia, with the southern coast of SA experiencing the most wintry conditions. The worst of the weather will be to the southeast of SA but a short burst of severe conditions can be expected, then easing from Sunday.


Severe cold conditions should develop with a cold front from Saturday with squally westerly winds reaching gale force and near 100km/h over coastal areas and higher terrain, frequent showers, sleet and snow above 500m and blizzards above 1000m over VIC and NSW at times. The rainfall below that will be moderate at times. Wind chill should be well below 0C for much of the day and night time period. Conditions will ease during early next week.

More updates in the state by state wrap after 6pm tonight.