The run of colder than normal weather over parts of eastern Australia, connected to the onshore wind flow and fast moving cold fronts, will likely to continue for the coming 4-6 days. It is all in response to high pressure being slow to move east through the Great Australian Bight bringing in that cooler southwesterly air.

By contrast, on the other side of the high pressure, winds are rotating around to the east, this bringing in a dry and warm airmass.

Temperatures across the west of the nation are expected to be 5-6C above average for the coming week as a whole. Many areas are still waiting for meaningful rainfall, particularly in those inland areas.

The temperature anomalies for the remainder of the month paint a very warm picture out west.

Sadly there is not much on offer until we get towards early May, with high pressure continuing to be the driving force.

That means, with no frontal weather to push out the warm weather, what you can see outside right now is what you can expect for the coming week in WA.

There is perhaps a stronger system showing up in early May, but to pin down specifics on an event that is 14 days out is impossible and not good practice. Something to watch in coming days.

For the east, the weather will warm up next week with winds veering into the east. That will see the moisture profile improve over the eastern seaboard and showers redevelop. So the cooler than average weather will moderate in response to that.

The cool end to the month for the east with temperatures averaging 1-3C below normal with the cold nights to stay.

With the dry air over large parts of the nation, the temperatures can rise and fall fairly freely. So large diurnal (temperature) ranges can be expected for those inland areas.

So the pattern is pretty stuck but we might see a shift over the east of the nation towards month's end with the potential of persistent easterly winds dragging in moisture from the Coral and Tasman Seas. And maybe a sneaky front over WA to kick off May.

Want more details on the May weather and the prospects of what winter will hold for your region? Get in touch today and I may be able to assist - karllijnders@weathermatters.org

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