As forecast the cold outbreak is far reaching and the impacts are now moving in behind a band of rain over the Wide Bay in QLD. Areas south and west of here are already under significant colder air.

The combination of the showery, windy weather over the southeast will continue to drive some dangerous conditions for stock through a large chunk of this week but the risk will begin to ease over the interior parts of the central and eastern states from mid week.

The alert area will likely be expired over the southeast inland from this weekend with a new high on the approach and we move to a frost risk issue over the weekend.

Below average temperatures and wind chill combination as at 11am EST.

Severe Weather Watch - Damaging Winds

The damaging winds are forecast to ease over the eastern parts of NSW during Tuesday and southeast SA as the pressure gradient begins to open up. The squalls with showers will continue over parts of southern VIC and Alpine VIC/NSW during Tuesday before easing commences during Wednesday.

Farmers and Graziers - This Week

The risk contracts southwards as we go through the week and eases over SA from mid-week but persists about the southeast inland areas and coastal areas until the end of the week. The new high-pressure system coming in from the weekend will settle conditions down and we then transition to frosty nights and clearer days with some luck.

Frost Risk - Tuesday Morning - NSW/ACT

The frost risk is elevated in the lee of the Great Dividing Range where sheltered areas could see some light to moderate frost on Tuesday morning. The risk becomes more expansive throughout the week.

Frost Risk - Tuesday morning - WA

The cold air also trapped under the high pressure in the west will give way to some frost risk for parts of inland WA on Tuesday morning. No severe frosts are expected at this time.

Frost Risk - This Weekend

Noting that the coverage is widespread this weekend, a more detailed chart for the states will be issued later this week to cover off the pockets of heavier and severe frost potential. Some areas could see a freeze as well over elevated parts of NSW and the ACT.

More coming up in the state-based forecasts this evening.