You may have noticed the warmer airmass today with that northwest to westerly flow, becoming strong and gusty but also dragging in some of the heat that has been building up over the northwest and northern inland of Australia.

That air modifies a bit, but still brings well above average temperatures during this time of year.

The early spring preview is a sign of what is to come this week with the wavy flow pattern set to continue over the southern states, seeing a larger variation in temperatures this week. The see-saw pattern we see in spring can be replicated during mid to late winter.

Temperatures - Valid 2pm EST Tuesday 27th of July 2021

The surge of warmer air from the northwest through the southeast clearly evident and this is certainly a spring preview with many locations well and truly above the average today.

State of play this afternoon.

There is limited moisture being funneled in ahead of the weakening cold front and that has started to kick off some light rainfall through parts of the EP and into the YP through to the southeast districts. A little quicker than forecast. The warmth ahead of the front and cloud band is noticeable with a gale force northwest flow. There is a secondary front that is racing east to catch up to the first feature slipping southeast. That second feature will play out over the southeastern inland during Wednesday.

Tomorrow the heat shifts north and east into QLD and NSW with that gale force northwesterly flow moving through NSW with severe weather warnings in place. Elevated fire dangers over the east quite normal for this time of year as we edge into the peak of the fire season during September. An area of rain will begin to develop through the southern and central inland of NSW during Wednesday and over northeast VIC during the morning. The coast will remain cloudy, windy but dry.

Damaging Winds Risk for Tuesday night into Wednesday

Damaging winds continue for large areas of the southeastern inland, possibly reaching destructive values over elevation above 1500m. The winds should ease back from the west during Wednesday.

18z Euro Rainfall for the next 3 days

Rainfall light and patchy throughout the southeast inland during Wednesday, more extensive about the northern slopes of VIC and through NE VIC and SE NSW into the ACT with the change rolling through. Some light falls also extending up the GDR to the QLD border but overall the rainfall mostly light and patchy.

More weather details to come for the week ahead after 530pm tonight.

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