A band of rain is bringing moderate falls over western QLD and into northern NSW, some heavy falls overnight through the New England have eased this morning, but further heavy rainfall is possible in the coming days over the northeast and east.

We are seeing drier air moving through the southern NSW and the ACT where the focus will be cooler with cloudy skies.

The wet weather reserved for the northern inland of NSW into southern QLD.

Satellite Imagery

The weather is expected to clear over southern inland areas as the high cloud lifts out so no rainfall expected for southern and western NSW at this time. Rain will likely redevelop with a pressure trough coming in from Central Australia and pass through to the eastern inland of the nation. The rainfall could be heavy at times along the centre of the passage of this low pressure system and then along the coastal areas of NE NSW and SE QLD there could be some heavy falls overnight into Tuesday before the weather clears from the west.

State of Play for Central Australia.

If you are living in northern NSW and much of QLD, this rainfall and thunderstorm activity over Central Australia is still due to pass through over the coming 24-36hrs and this area of convection (yellow ring) will likely form a low over the next day, increasing rainfall intensity along its track. So still some heavy falls possible after overnight soaking falls for northern NSW.

Satellite QLD

The rain is ongoing with some reasonable falls for October over the southwest and western inland, welcome for many as the wet season kicks off. A large rain band from Mount Isa through Longreach towards Toowoomba moving east today with another band of rain developing from Central Australia through the Channel Country running along the NSW border with moderate to heavy falls possible with thunderstorms. The rain will clear from west to east during Tuesday.

State of Play for QLD

The rain over the west which is producing some locally heavy falls this morning is expected to move east this afternoon and evening, and patchy rainfall should commence about the heavier populated of SEQ this evening. Inland areas, generally a light to moderate soaking however some areas could get a month's worth of rainfall in the next 24hrs. More rain coming in later this afternoon and evening over the Channel Country and through to the Downs overnight could bring further moderate to heavy falls IF thunderstorms redevelop. Cloud cover could limit that activity today, with rain cooled stable air acting as a blanket on that surface based instability being realised.

Satellite NSW

The weather drier and clearer over the southern areas of the state back through to Victoria and the ACT, though a little low cloud is about with a few showers over central and western VIC. The remainder of NSW is under high cloud with the first band of rain slowly moving north and east. A secondary band of rain is in process of forming over Central Australia and that is expected to move ESE into the northern parts of NSW later today into tonight and enhance rainfall for the fine and relatively warm parts of NE NSW this morning.

State of Play

A southerly change is stalling out over the northern parts of NSW, with areas of rain, some moderate falls along the coast, shifting north very slowly. The southerly change could be the focus of a few thunderstorms which may produce heavy rainfall this afternoon. A band of rain over inland areas of QLD will continue to skirt along the NSW border this afternoon. A new band of rain is likely to form out of convection in the southern NT and northern SA this morning and sweep through northern areas this evening into Tuesday. Some further moderate falls are possible, heavy at times along the coastal fringe north of Coffs Harbour. The rain clearing from west to east during Tuesday.

More weather details to come on your state based outlook this afternoon with a focus on the severe thunderstorm potential mid to late wee with the next system.