There is sufficient moisture coming through with the cold fronts and a low over the next 7-10 days with impulses still feeding down from the Indian Ocean throughout the outlook.

The westerly wind belt is bring the chance of cold and gusty weather through southern parts of the nation with showery weather. But to the north of that the moisture is at times, being drawn into these cold fronts to bolster the rainfall with the frontal weather.

But pinning down the systems in a fast flow pattern can be rather tricky.

How far an upper high seeps south from the subtropics can then push the westerly wind belt further south. And the SAM trending more negative can then lift the frontal weather further north bringing more wintry wet weather to the southern mainland.

Looking at the next 7 days, there are fast moving systems pushing through, but at each run, is being analysed to be somewhere different really making it difficult to track impacts on the southeast inland. Consequently it makes it difficult to track the impact moisture the role moisture impulses will play in the frontal weather.

For now I will show you the latest 2 weeks of Precipitable Water/Moisture from the GFS.

There is moisture to work with, but can it be lifted into rainfall?

More on that to come tomorrow.

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